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Leading Manufacturer of Polyethylene
Film & Packaging Products


We can assure a consistent, on time production run of plastic bags, liners, covers, and related film products because our major suppliers always maintain inventory levels to match


Our dedication to quality in both materials and manufacturing ensures our customer receive the production run of plastic bags, liners, cover, and related film products that

FDA Approved

We use only FDA approved resins in our plastic products.

The Protective Lining Inc


All products are manufactured in our plant using state of the art equipment to ensure the most cost-effective packaging in the marketplace.

We use FDA-approved polyethylene resins that are extruded exclusively by our company.

Our skilled & experience work staff adheres to strict quality control guidelines, established by management, during our round- the clock operation

We assure both the industrial processor along with its distributors that our products are packaged properly, offering the best protection while in the actual processing of the product, or from the effects of transportation.

Customer service specialists can assist with all inquiries ranging from the development of new products, to lead times and pricing.

We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the product and a hands-on approach with our customers.



  • Round Bottom Liners

  • Rigid Liners

  • Drum Covers

  • Gusseted Bags

  • Round Bottom Liners

  • Rigid Liners

  • Drum Covers

  • Gusseted Bags

  • Mattress Covers

  • Bags on Rolls

  • Plastic Sheeting

  • Gaylord Covers

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